Mobile Health Services for Bipolar Disorder

Smartphones offer unique opportunities for assessing bipolar disorder depressive and manic symptoms and collection of real-time data, but the applications for patients with bipolar disorder that are available on the market have so far been without feedback loop options to the health care providers and few systems have actually been adopted into clinical practice. A feedback loop between patients and health care providers may facilitate early detection of depressive and manic symptoms and allow for early intervention and treatment.

NyMPHA project will define the framework of pre-commercial procurement for the provisioning of next generation services advocated for mental health treatment based on the use of new technologies, open standards and open platforms. In particular, NyMPHA will focus on identifying the different requirements involved in the structuring of mental health services including medical, technological, patients, ethical, policy, risk management and business-orientation in order to construct a reference model of service provisioning useful in different European (e.g. regional, national) contexts.

Starting points of the project are an in-depth analysis of the state of the art of services and apps offered on the market, a transnational stakeholder consultation and focused interviews. These actions will allow collecting the key requirements from different sources and stakeholders related to delivery of mobile-health services for improving treatment of mental health-related diseases.

So, we are interesting in knowing and sharing your experience in the field of Mobile Health Services for Bipolar Disorder, considering technological, legal and commercial issues.