Objectives and expected results

Main objectives and results will be:

1.       To define a common framework of cooperation for Trans-National PCP in the topic of mobile health services for supporting bipolar disorder treatment among public purchasers in three different EU Countries (namely Italy, Spain and Denmark)

2.       To produce a Call for Tender on mobile health services for supporting bipolar disorder treatment by taking into consideration the key clinical, ethical, technological and legal issues, and launch it at wide European level. Such tender should satisfy requirements established by the three public purchasers in the project and should allow for a sustainable implementation of the technological solution aiming at empowering patients and enabling patient-centred care through new mobile eHealth services.

3.       To launch the Call for Tender at European level and to manage the tenderer selection in a fair and transparent way.

4.       To conduct a three stage PCP process including feasibility studies, prototyping and pilot implementation of the PCP services on mobile health for bipolar disorder treatment involving industrial participation (including SMEs).

5.       To conduct dedicated dissemination activity relevant for maximizing the scope and visibility of the NYMPHA-MD PCP.

6.       To define an exploitation strategy to maximize the impact of NYMPHA-MD results and findings within and after the pilot experimentation of services.