The approach

The NYMPHA-MDwork plan foresees:

WP2 – Definition of Trans-National PCP that will set a common understanding about Trans-National

PCP among the project partners and produce the required agreements, documents and templates suitable for the preparation and execution of the PCP Call for Tender.

WP3 – Mobile Health Tender Preparation that will collect, analyze and synthesize the requirements needed for producing the call for tender on mobile health.

WP4 - Tender Monitoring and Results Collection that will take care in a first instance of launching the tender (using the strategies defined in dissemination WP) and organizing the evaluation and selection of candidates applying to it.

WP5 - Pilots Evaluation and Recommendations that will run in parallel to WP4 for the entire duration of the joint research activities of NYMPHA-MD project. The specific objective of WP5 is to monitor the tenderers in the implementation of the requirements defined in the trans-national call for tender in order to evaluate the work and provide recommendations on innovative mobile services for supporting the treatment of mental health.

The coordination activities will also include Consortium Management (WP1) and Dissemination and Exploitation of findings (WP6).