About the project

NYMPHA project focuses on the implementation of a Pre-Commercial Procurement of mobile ehealth services for supporting physicians and patients in the treatment of bipolar disorder through continuous patients monitoring in order to dynamically support illness management and potentially identify early deviations in mood and attitudes suggesting the onset of a crisis. Such innovative approach in treatment will allow the early intervention of professionals and a personalized and continuous feed-back to patients about warning signs and indications for referral to professionals and self-management. From this point of view, access to interactive tools able to deliver psycho-education and self-help sessions according to standardized and effective models will be available. The monitoring model of such type of approach would be based on a portable data acquisition system able to obtain continuous objective measurements of patients behavior related to their clinical state, also giving feed-backs and visualizing data to patients, thus enhancing patients’ awareness and empowering attitude and supporting their self-management, with the support of ICT.

Customization of the designed ehealth functions will be necessary in view of the differences in approaches to illness care and management in the three service networks and given the high individual variability in needs, treatment goals and resources of the treated subjects and in the same subject in different periods and phases.



NYMPHA-MD project will define the framework of pre-commercial procurement for the provisioning of next generation services advocated for mental health treatment with a special focus on bipolar disorder based on the use of new technologies, open standards and open platforms. In particular, NYMPHA-MD will focus on a first instance in identifying the different requirements involved in the structuring of mental health services with a focus on bipolar disorder treatment including medical, technological, patients, legal, ethical, policy, risk management and business-orientation needs in order to construct a reference model of service provisioning useful in different European contexts. This model will be utilized to produce a Call for Tender for the PCP aiming to provide a set of pilot experimentations implementing mobile ehealth services for bipolar disorder treatment in a real-world context.